How-to: generate a speak area add-in

How-to: generate a speak area add-in

Learn to produce a talk place add-in that displays Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA) robot communications and filter systems an area owner’s information before they might be submitted with the speak area.

Requirements relate an add-in with a talk area generating a Silverlight add-in obtaining the internet hosting speak area After that procedures further tools

Core concepts understand

Learn about the Microsoft Lync 2013 chronic speak room add-in element through situations where the add-in is utilized additionally the tuition and practices that are used to produce an add-in.

Discover designing a Persistent talk space add-in that displays emails that a UCMA bot possess submitted on the internet talk area after which filters the pending information content for the regional individual.

Associate an add-in with a chat area

Before their add-in is generally exposed in a chat screen, you ought to sign up the add-in utilizing the Lync machine 2013. The add-in is actually opened inside persistent speak place screen whenever a user double-clicks a persistent talk space from get in touch with list. You are able to subscribe a persistent cam place by utilizing a server-side means like the party Chat Administration instrument. For information regarding associating an add-in with a chat area using the Microsoft Lync host 2013 consistent Chat SDK, see ChatRoomManagementServices.BeginUpdateChatRoom.

You will want to associate the new add-in with an exclusive talk space so that you can test the add-in. If your add-in is prepared for general public use, associate it with a public speak space.

A personal speak space is only noticeable to their members. This means the private cam place cannot be discovered through the help of a chat space query to look for a chat room.

Creating a Silverlight add-in

Utilize Microsoft Visual Studio to produce the perfect solution is and project data files your add-in. You’ll be able to start the clear answer in Microsoft phrase Web if you’d like to write an advanced consumer experience.

To produce a Silverlight add-in

Choose the Lync Silverlight program layout at the center pane in the unique task dialogue. This layout populates the records folder because of the system which contains the namespace you employ to have chat area properties.

The perfect solution is document is now prepared to modify. The MainPage.xaml document declares a user control that nests a grid, bunch section, additionally the PresenceIndicator control. This control is within the bunch section to exhibit you how to embed Lync handles inside Silverlight software.

Obtaining the hosting talk area

The internet speak place could be the access point to all the Lync functionality you could code in an add-in. To have the space, call the LyncClient.GetHostingRoom process. The right place to get the hosting talk place is within the add-in constructor.

To obtain the internet speak space

Sign up for the Room.IsSendingMessage celebration so you can catch and filter messages before these include uploaded because of the local consumer.

Register for the Room.Messagesgotten celebration to get brand-new communications when they is uploaded into the hosting cam room.

Rule sample: Chat area information filtration

These instance makes use of XAML to declare the add-in UI. The settings include an admission field your consumer type a filtration string into, and book blocks that show the initial content blog post additionally the post following the add-in have reformatted they.

The next instance interacts aided by the XAML consumer control over a Silverlight cam area add-in. Whenever the consumer posts a note into internet speak area, this add-in grabs the content before it is submitted. If the message contains the filtration sequence this is certainly joined into the filtration text package, the content post was canceled. Usually, the message was submitted into the place

Next actions

Now that you have created a chat place add-in, find out about how to make your add-in interact with the hosting cam room.


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