Tan staggers household all the beaten up and you can bypasses everybody in the living room area and you will goes up to help you his space

Tan staggers household all the beaten up and you can bypasses everybody in the living room area and you will goes up to help you his space

Claimed indeed seems shocked whenever you are Ki Ae is actually disappointed, however, Chairman Father merely sneers and you will shouts one Tan is really good weakling. He yells how much offered Tan is going to do so it to gather sympathy!

Won goes up to help you Tan’s area and you will informs him to find up-and look at the medical. Tan wishes him to leave however, Won reminds him that they can be found in the midst of transactions and you will Bronze said he would perform any Acquired told your. Bronze has actually shouting at the Claimed to go away. Claimed informs your this vary nothing within home and you will Bronze understands they! Bronze just cries and you may asks when he or she is becoming provided for the fresh new Us. He is like he will pass away, very excite publish him out and you will help save your. Unclear as to the reasons the pain will go away much better when you look at the the us. It is both disappearing in the long run or otherwise not. Won indeed seems unfortunate and you will damage to see Tan so broken.

Claimed dates back so you’re able to their resorts and entry Young Perform, observing a cut towards his lip and you may stopping to inquire of in the event the he fought having Bronze. Young Create admits it and claims Bronze earned they. Sweet search. Claimed sets straight back that Tan cannot seem to have any nearest and dearest either. Ouch. They, thus f-cked up. Claimed tells Young Do to wear certain drug following walks aside.

Bo Na flips as a result of it and reads each of Eun Sang’s postings, such as the unusual convos which have Tan in earlier times

Bo Na and Chan More youthful is actually reading regarding the playroom and you will he has considering their mobile phone whenever Bo Na reads English and Chan More youthful means Korean. She sees that he is into Eun Sang’s SNS account waiting around for their to get hold of him.

Eun Sang is additionally understanding it and you will recalling all of the her time that have Bronze. She reads a blog post you to Bronze will come see the woman no count where she’s. Eun Carried out deletes all their SNS listings because she cries. Bronze is found on their SNS account too and you will observes this lady deleting all things in real time.

Tan is actually interviewing Hyo Shin not to mention the in the an identical eatery not forgetting Hyo Shin should especially render him a drink he claims is one of delicious right here. Tan states Eun Done always delivered him that it take in too. Hyo Shin explains Tan’s pretty-face is all screwed-up and you will alerts your that medical food is bad. Tan claims he’s not probably perish thus don’t be concerned. Hyo Shin says acting-out sometimes is sufficient to launch this new worry.

More youthful Do goes toward Eun Sang’s new home from the water but she’s perhaps not house even in the event he does come upon Mom. She 1st body gestures to own him to leave however, observes his regrettably lonely canine deal with and brings him household to have a dessert.

Whenever she transforms to he’s going to getting at the rear of the girl

Younger Do is practically for the tears dinner a mom’s house cooked buffet. Mom explains one Eun Carried out went along to Seoul to go back things to college. Mommy has actually pressing products nearer to More youthful Carry out to possess your to help you eat. He states the food is really so an effective. Eun how to delete mature dating account Sang’s mommy asks in the event the they are Eun Sang’s classmate pal however, More youthful Would says he likes Eun Done. Mom must be convinced she is raising one magnet.

Eun Carried out is actually Seoul meeting with President Daddy just who claims she relocated to an excellent lay from the ocean. But as to why did she still pick Tan? Eun Carried out says it had been by accident but President Father claims this is why the guy wanted to posting to help you the lady the alternative corner of one’s Earth. Eun Carried out claims Tan try enjoying and you will a beneficial in fact it is why she enjoys him. Dad phone calls the girl shameless to take their money and daring to help you such as for example their kid.

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