We suggest recovering alcoholics consult with their doctor and/or sponsor regarding how kombucha could affect their recovery

We suggest recovering alcoholics consult with their doctor and/or sponsor regarding how kombucha could affect their recovery

It is always important for pregnant women to consult with their doctor on any health-related questions, including whether to drink kombucha. One of Humm’s founders drank kombucha throughout both of her pregnancies and has beautiful, healthy children who regularly drink Humm Kombucha.

Is Humm safe for recovering alcoholics?

We have connected with people in recovery who enjoy both the taste and benefits of Humm Kombucha, and also received feedback from those who choose to steer clear due to personal concerns and experience. It is certainly a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Digiex publishes easy to follow tutorials for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo games consolesputer help and downloads are provided on our forums.

Tiramisu is a homebrew environment for the Wii U. This is an alternative to the Haxch Wii U Hack, with some extra features.

The advantage of Tiramisu is that no DS VC game needs to be purchased to set it up, so it will be possible to hack a Wii U even if these are no longer any exploitable DS games available on the Eshop.

  • CFW based on mocha with slighty more features
  • Homebrew launcher injected into Mii Maker
  • Autoboot Menu based on CBHC
  • Full quick boot menu support of the Gamepad

In addition you can take advantage of other interesting projects such as Bloopair, a tool that allows connecting controllers from other consoles like native Wii U Pro Controllers on the Wii U.

In summery the TLDR is this is a better way to make use of Homebrew / CFW on the Wii U, that also happens to be totally free.

To get setup with Tiramisu visit the Wii U hacks guide: – this guide will take you though everything romance tale online required from start to finish to get things working.

Until ), Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015), and Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018) are free to claim on the Epic Games store.

In addition to the base games all DLC packs are included as well due to these been the definitive editions of each game.

This seems like a great excuse to try the more modern Tomb Raider games if you were a fan of the originals in the 90s.

We just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, hopefully you are staying safe and enjoying the festive holidays with family and friends.

This year we have no surprise Pokemon events to release, however hopefully this is a tradition that might be able to continue in the future.

If you ever wanted to have a Shiny Zacian or Shiny Zamazenta now is your chance. Many stores around the word have started to distribute and register peoples interest in obtaining a code for the shinies. So be sure to checkout your local game store.

Various stores are allowing you to register online for a code. Its hard to say if they will be doing any checks against your IP address to determine if you actually reside in the country they operate, however you can try to obtain a code from the following stores online:

  • Game UK
  • GameStop Ireland (Zacain) (Zamazenta)

We clearly state on our labels that Humm “contains a trace amount of alcohol” to notify recovering alcoholics, those with strict religious beliefs, or people who have allergy concerns

  • Micromania (France) (Zacain) (Zamazenta)
  • GameStop Italy
  • Game Spain

I have personally used Game UK as I reside in the UK, however I have also had luck with Micromania in France for past distributions.

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